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Nocturnal Chaos


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Beyond the infernal screens of dark era
Tantalized with sardony
Conjures, the lost humanity
Upon the ominous laments
Of ancient wisdom immense

All will witness the perishment of what they deify
Demons of doom, grasp the gloom
Pass through the golems of gayya
On their path to portal of flames
Reminds the rise of brutality
Predicates the regeneration
Of whom reigns for wrath
That is the dark light of black dominion

Entropic ambient where time flows backwards
Confusion of what and whom to deny
And whom to pray with opprobrium
Kneel down and hail to solemnity
Those are the flames of burnt wings of unholy goblins
Whose laments whisper the freaky elegies

Feel the blind agony, cry with the dark sides colony
All of whom originated from monoliths

They are those who scorn the humanity
Unleash the grievous priests
Incinerate the bigoted evangelists
Then masticate the putrid debris
Invade their arteries
Devour the blind religions and prayers
Summon the preachers of unholiness

Praise the chaos and decimation
Celebrate the defeat of crooked beliefs

Deceivers and their followers
Unable to recognize the invasion of demonic assault
They are the soldiers of unholy rebellion
Ignorant about the upcoming decadence
Resulting from this ghoulish nocturnal chaos

Nocturnal chaos...

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