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Uncircumscribed Delinquency At The Gates Of Anu


8 acessos

Corpses divine, filthy sovereign
Through the anthems of an ancient reign
Deviant intrusion, dominantly hostile
Proclaim the fallen, deeply intensify
Tammuz and Gishzida at the gates of Anu
On their mission about a malignant miracle
Controversial visions subtle delusions
Encountered deterioration
Disgraceful frustration
Incomprehensible ignorance
Voracious reptile inhumanly so vile
Confessions of an interior anger
Invasion of opposing forces
Dark brightness of imperilled eyes
Credulous thousands tyranny is tremendous
Domination of whom? A trivial conception
Achievement of his vengeance
Inarticulate stimulus
A sceptical solution for an inferior impetus
Extermination of a civilization
Erupting ruins, verbalized fears
Epidemy of despair, their own coffins
Thousand would tear

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