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Sardonic Equilibrium Decree Humiliating Imkhullu


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Sepsism, impaled carnage, cursed fates
Depressive breath of anxiousness
He, who worshiped vandals
Through the golems of septic concealers
During the reign of Nebuchadnezzar
Scents the ruins of Ashurbanipal
Imkhullu vocifers his inside's mental rage
A hurricane, which mightily breezes around the shores of aden
Thick murky clouds, bringing darkness in heaven
Gusts of wind rising, which cast gloom over the bright day
With the Imkhullu the evil wind, forcing their way
The overflowing of Adad mighty destroyers, are they,
At the right of Adad stalking, are they,
In the height of heaven, like lightning flashing, are they,
To wreak destruction forward go they,
In the broad heaven, the home of Anu, the King
Evilly do they arise, and none to oppose
When Enlil heard these tidings, a plan in his heart he pondered
With Ea, exalted Massu of the gods, be took counsel.
Sin, Shamash and Ishtar, whom he had set to order the vault of heaven
With Anu he divided the lordship of the whole heaven
To these three gods, his offspring
Day and night, without ceasing, he ordained to stand
When the seven evil gods stormed the vault of heaven
Before the gleaming Sin, they set themselves angrily
The mighty Shamash, Adad the Warrior, they brought on their side
Ishtar, with Anu, the King
Moved into a shining dwelling
Exercising dominion over the heavens

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