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Peripheral Profilgacy Of Transcendental Lower World


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Peripheral profligacy of transcendental lower world
The mistress of the netherworld
While Namtar is the God of Pestilence
Torrents of blood gushing down
From the stairs of goblin chapel
Principles of lust, whispering solitude
Exhumation circle of chaos
Dismayed obedients coma execution
Discriminated bodies, isolated putrefaction
Vermins of Babylon prone to quarrel
All by inheritance, refused by gods
Selfish, suspicious, incredibly vigorous
Physically and mentally predominated by patience
Odour of torture, mutual interaction of an offensive fiction
Potential abhorrence of ancestors
Who had already reduced to ashes
Recall the messenger Ilabrat
Mourning angels crying vandals
"Who are the two gods, who have vanished from the land?"
Lord, Adapa, the son of Ea, the wing of the South Wind
Has broken which made Anu ascended his throne
Let him be handed over who contrived the uprising.
His guilt which make him bear that he may dwell in peace!"
The Igigi, the great gods, replied to him,
To Lugaldimmerankia, counsellor of the gods, their lord:
`It was Kingu who contrived the uprising,
And made Tiamat rebel, and joined battle.`
The bound him holding him before Ea
They imposed on him his guilt and severed his blood vessels
Out of his blood they fashioned mankind.
He imposed the service and let free the gods

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