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Profane Councils Of A Higher Debauchery


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Gilgamesh, the demigod of Uruk
Courageous warrior
She saw him triumphing against Humbaba
The swagger of Erech
The fickle goddess, courtesan of the gods
Fond of who repudiated her
She threatened you with anger:
`I will bring up the dead to eat the living.
And the dead will outnumber the living.`
Ain't Inanna make a fuss?
When she'd gone down into the land of no return!?
Without reflection, hadn't she thrown herself at Ereshkigal in a rage!?
Didn't you send Kalaturru and Kurgarru to bring her resurrection
Why then she had the Bull of heaven?
When attacked on Gilgamesh and Enikdu, the Bull's heart was then Utu's
On the walls of Uruk cast downed Inanna, cursed Gilgamesh
Enkidu teared off its right thigh and throws it in Inanna's face :
`If I could lay my hands on you, it is this I should do to you,
and lash your entrails to your side.`
She decided to revenge herself
and cursed him again by taking Enkidu's life.
Embark now, further, to the unknown worlds,
Your true journey has began.
Seek for the secrets of eternal life.
On his path, he met the wise semigod
Utnapishtim told him sacred places to give him eternal youth
Dived deep to the ocean's floor
and slept after bringing it (to the surface)
The scent ov eternal youth awakened the evil Shu
Fleeting snake was shedding its skin...
Stunned by your own demise
Surrendered to your fate
The journey has come to an end
Now reflect upon pain and grief
The suffering belongs to you alone
and await your your final destiny: death!

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