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Gospels In The Exile Of The Omnipotent


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Owner of the light, an omnipotent soul
Might of winds, pestilenly appalling ghoul
Enlil the arch, confronts the fiend
Tragedic occasion of his fate, too weird
Unconscious or subconscious villeinage
Dark is the sky around his reign
Located between the earth and heaven
His sardonic exile roots from here
Enchanting Ninlil, daughter of Nippur's ablution in Gayya
Unlike her delusions final chapter imposed by her mother
She sacred her soul to Enlill's honour
While passing near Nunbirdu Canal
Enlil, paralyzed due to what his eyes dazzled
Sounds of water dripping down her hair
Accompanying with soft songs of her chimeria
To where she pulled Enlil promiscuously
Her virgin body trembles by disillusion
Enlil asks her for sharing his concupiscence
She realises her despicable illusions and rejects his will
She beseeches and endeavours for convincing him
Enlil the invincible listens her conjuring cries
In which her rejections aries
She cries for her small lips which don't know how to kiss
And mourns for her small body incapable of his desire
Now and then, the slave of darkness,
Enlil calls his vizier for a vessel
On which his queen in dreams and he board
Being defeated to his salacity, he ravished her poor body
Like she said, incapable of his wills,
Ninlil feels more agony then a lusty pleasure
After a while anxious Enlil's moods turns to be same
But it was too late for the Gods all of whom were furious
They adopted a resolution about Enlil, slave of evil more than his crave
He was banished from skies of his reign to dark world of underground
Poor Ninlil deprived him from his reign without boundaries
Leaving him in his long anxious exile

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