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Wish My Life Away

Laura Shigihara

2 acessos

I never stood up very tall
I think my voice was fairly small
But there were times I'd wanna to shout
Though my thoughts weren't sorted out
So I'd stumble and I'd fall

I learned to fly because of you
So if you left, I could go too
And everything you saw in me
That's what I wanted to be
Did I make it after all?

All the grass on the other side
Is it only greener in my mind?
I'd still want it same
Because trading my yesterday
Is to wish my life away

As we dream and as we grow
We have to learn to let things go
But let the wonder never fade
Though we've turned 10,000 pages
Flying high or stuck below

I've searched for meaning amidst doubt
I've finally figured that part out
And all the stories inside me
Feels like I'm bursting at the seams
And you're here after all

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