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Laura Shigihara

9 acessos

written and performed by Laura Shigihara

(verse 1)
I've been holding back my thoughts
Do whatever i can to distract myself
You're a million miles away
I would cross the times so i
Could be with you, i'm dying slowly without you

Even when i'm sleeping
I'm finding that it's hard to keep
That promise i made to myself
To let go

Even though you're far away
I cannot go a single day
My heart is so displaced
I can't forget you

It's haunting
My memories
Everytime you manage to
Steal my train of thought
Even though i said i love you not

It's haunting
That feeling
Whenever i start thinking
That i see you here
But you're not here… anymore

(verse 2)
Everyday i tried so hard
Not to let myself fall even deeper for you
But there was nothing i could do
As the tears fell down it became obvious
That i had been defeated

(pre-chorus and chorus repeat)

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