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Call me Home

Laura Shigihara

11 acessos

I walk alone in this world
Inside; lonely
Your words are poetry
and hope for me

(verse 1)
Light a candle in the dark
Fold my hands, speak from the heart
Afraid You won't hear what i say
Too weak to walk away

Now the room is filled with light
You had never left my side
You begin to fill the void that's there
You are everywhere

So i reach to You above any other
You've been calling to me all my life
And although again i'll turn away
Your love still remains
Call me home… today.

(pre-verse 2)
I am poured out like water
My soul; empty
But it is a mystery
Now You reveal Yourself to me

(verse 2)
Calm me, break me, make me whole
Lead me and restore my soul
I know i can't make it on my own
My heart, as hard as stone

Slowly i can see Your love
Hear the angels dance above
Overwhelmed by what i start to feel
Growing stronger as You heal

(chorus repeat twice)

written and performed by Laura Shigihara

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