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Look up At the Sky

Laura Shigihara

7 acessos

(verse 1)
Time, building walls between us, mountains all around
Falling faster everyday, but I won't hit the ground,
don't make a sound
living for now
so I can feel you breathing next to me.
Please don't fall asleep.

Today, I'll remember everything about the way
that you hold my hand inside of your's
and tell me things
so I'll believe
you are to me my poetry
the one that I've been dreaming of so long.

Look up at the sky tonight
and make a wish about tomorrow.
Count the stars,
they can't outshine how I feel for you.
Even when the darkness closes in all around us,
I will be together with you.

(verse 2)
from it all, we're spinning in a globe of stars.
Darkness spans the Earth, but I will still know where you are
Bestill my heart,
this is the part where I will start believing it could be
only you and me.

I think that we'll be the only ones for miles;
hiding in the corners of the world
you say to me
this memory
will always be a pictured scene
that you would keep inside you for all time.

(chorus repeat)

written and performed by Laura Shigihara

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