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Laura Shigihara

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I’m looking up and outside my window
many stars for making wishes
not about the past, just onto the future
time for letting go

I’m wanting to amount to something
I’m trying harder to get better
I’m gonna do everything that I can do
to make it work

Take what we’re given
To make the best of things before we go
Someday we’ll get there
I know, I know…

Moving forward
Going faster than before
illuminate the road and light the way

New beginnings
Starshine all over the place
Tomorrow is a new day after all

(verse 2)
I gotta say, I made so many mistakes
that if I watched a replay
about my life,
it’s possible I might want a second chance

But I’m here now, without a doubt in my mind
that I want just to be here
Shine in the day, and in the night
through the darkness all around


Don’t hold back, find a reason to make you move
Without that there’s no light in your day
When we fall, we get up, we fight we stay
Hold on tight, keep the hope, find your way

(chorus repeat)

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