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The Best It Can Be

Laura Shigihara

9 acessos

(verse 1)
Open up your eyes
There’s so much to see
Worlds that you’ve never been to waiting patiently

Let go of the past
Just embrace today
Hold your life in your hands before it slips away

That’s what I wanna feel,
that time where everything
is within my reach
at the end it’s just beginning
Someday I will want to be nowhere but now

Let me introduce myself
Please believe I don’t want to be somewhere else
This could be the first and last we’ll ever meet

I could not forget this chance
You should know that I am giving all I have to this moment
So then we might as well make now
the best it can be

(verse 2)
What’s holding you back?
Why are you unsure?
You should let go of everything
It’s adventure

I will not look down
I will give my all
I was never afraid to jump
Til I knew I could fall


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