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Laura Shigihara

4 acessos

(verse 1)
You held your arm out to me
Not exactly what it seemed
Out of place, walking alone, and in between

On your shoulder rest my head
Letting all the things he said
Paint a picture of how it could be

Will I see you again
And will it be the same
As your fingertips slide off of mine
I’m reminded of all that I’m leaving behind

Though I wish I could follow those words every hour
As the time drawing near comes to take you away
And again the way you look at me I know so well
Hold me deep in your arms
And tell me not to cry
Traces remain beyond this time

(verse 2)
Now a dark time lays ahead
All the heaviness I’ve let come to be
you were the bridge above the sea

Once more I’d look into your eyes
Every memory I sigh
Always searching but what will we find


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