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Laura Shigihara

4 acessos

written and performed by Laura Shigihara

(verse 1)
I'm writing words down on a train
in hopes I follow through on plans, I make
Time is in my hands, but I, keep finding reasons
to throw it all away

(pre-chorus 1)
I have spent my whole life wondering what's out there
too afraid to let go and jump in
Something's holding me back from where I need to go
I wanna be, too alive to sleep

(that's why)I wanna go faster
Tired of being still, don't wanna linger
I've got to find the purpose that was meant for me.

Cuz if I move any slower,
soon my life is going to be over
before I find the meaning that I seek.

(verse 2)
I've grown so restless in my wake,
it's killing me just getting through, the day-to-day
There's a hunger inside me, I can't, explain,
to try to find my place

(pre-chorus 2)
There's so many pieces of me I've left behind
through my fingers I have let them slide
Now I'm looking back on who I used to be
that part of me, I've got to find


Maybe it is normal not to see
but please reveal to me traits that define the person,
I should strive to be
I'll be different from before
I know I've got to hold out for more

(chorus x2)

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