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Laura Shigihara

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(verse 1)
I watch the world go on outside of this window
All day I tolerate the things that they say
Is my worth measured by my 9 to 5, if so
Do you believe that what we wear dictates our place

I can feel my life slowly slip away, but I'm
finding peace in plotting my escape
Counting down the days until I break away from here
I'm a show you how much I can take

There's more, to me than what you see, believe, you don't know me at all
They, don't know any better
Though there's a wall standing in between me and what I wanna be
I'm fed up, keep my head up, I'll be fine as long as I'm alive cuz
someday I know that I will be free

(verse 2)
2.75 for the train ride, every morning
I clock into the same thing day in and out
We all want to leave, but we're bound to, what we do
But holding on to hope is what this life's about

(pre-chorus 2)
I wanna drink the moon out of the water, and I
wanna tell them what I have to say, but I'll
keep it to myself until I break away from here
I'm a show you how much I can take

(chorus repeat)

written and performed by Laura Shigihara

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