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Before My Eyes The New World Rose


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Image from the surface of damnation,
one that only falsity could illuminate.
Captured in this dream I was, absorbed in thought
and the only thing I heard was the clatter of goat.

Divine artificial insemination, a child for a virgin.
To provide a setting for this sinful display.

From closer I wanted to follow that play
of dancing flames and the pour of rain.
Without each the other could not be
and that I was meant to witness.

Every time the fire was raging
the rain lashed those flames.
Every time the roots of earth were burned
the water made them grow again.

A pond I saw and a swan with purest white cape.
No wings the creature bore and could not fly or escape.
On shore a wolf was waiting in the still of the night,
like knowing that the pond will dry out in the sun light.

Flames grew and the ablaze burned all to ashes.
The swan swam to the shore.
The earth turned to gray, the sky bemoaned one's fate
and before my eyes the new world rose.

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