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Clattering of war spears imminently resounds
Through the corridors of catacombs below the ground
Centurions march for the Roman Empire
Prey on the dashing victims with torches on fire

Preys aghast by the approaching fires
Manhunt shall not end until last christian expires

Cries of dismay howling in the dungeon walls
Romans enraptured by these unavailing calls
Their burnished swords thirst after blood
To dispatch these believers to meet their saviour

Sacrifices to the pagan gods of Rome
Threatening to impose their creed over the ways of old

Paralysed by terror and smitten with fear
Prayers hissed when inexorable pesters draw near
Seeking shelter from cavities in dank labyrinths
Entrapped in a maze of horror only to be killed

Hunting infidels for the Caesar's sovereignty
Those who exalt their god and creed over Rome's supremacy
Aberrant in belief haunted to death in catacombs
Or thrown at lions den in seething Circus Maximus

Appeasing the gods by sacrificing living flesh
Of those who would renounce so them so immodest
Feasting after defeating the followers of christ
In Roman swords they met their demise

Death will be the price for infidel cries
Manhunt shall not end until last christian expires

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