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Paradise Filled With Orgies


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Dreams of an old man...
A paradise filled with orgies.
Ten years of silence now
In a form of verbal storm.
Walking memories...come on home.
Two sentences, knowledge or...

Wandering through the rooms without finding...
Finding relief for his need.
And even if this path was walked for thousand times before it
- all seems so unreal.

Harmony of mind truth through red liquid (based on water).
Betrayed by own blood, priest with throne in hell.
Still, one of ten (not tenth) from the mass of sixtynine (and eight).
...the channels are running wild.

"this is my window to the horizon of mind."
"this is who i am",
He said, as i saw the scars...

Twisted fingers pointed me
And the smile was from the devil himself...
As he begged for my forgiveness.

Paradise filled with orgies

Insomnia created by the shadows
Of inner desires.
Truly... this is my paradise...
Filled with orgies.

Paradise filled with orgies

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