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Inner Tyrant


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Why to deny all that is you for others,
why to feel the pain someone else deserves?
Why to turn the cheek if you could strike back,
why to give up the hate, strongest emotion you have?

Inner tyrant

You soulless whores of lie!
Will you sell all you could achieve?
Awake from your dream from your own made visuality.
Shall his name be buried,
thy name that is covered in the curtain of lies.
There is no honour walking on your side.

How can one speak with the mouth of all mankind?
Teach deny innerself...accepting of enslavement.
No you are not my king, nor is your father mine.
And your symbol piece of wood...just for me a hated sign.

I shame once your memory infected me,
yet by it I learned all I should not be.
Remember you told us to come back for the final day.
The path of paradise you promised, yet you don't know even the way!

Inner tyrant

There shall be no stone to sit on,
for you no bed to rest or share.
No war will be won by your mercy,
it can't cleave the armor of hate I wear.

I am your inner tyrant

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