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Stream Of Tears


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The tears of bitterness have stream,
The tears of eternal wrath closing the lights of heaven
Opening pathways to the darkness.
Not light i need to see, not your kindness to feel,
With breath of the dragon within,
On higher stage unreached by the "sin".
We, the sons of lewdness...
Shall our flame be eternal... eternal it shall be.
In its light we wander, in its light we live,
From it we receive our strength and our fate!
Is this the life you dreamed of,
Wandering in emptiness, in the shadows of destiny?
Whether or not were the one,
Yet the son who promised the paradise of enslavery.
I have seen through you!
Two thousand years watched you grow,
I was baptised in your blood,
But one i am with flame,
One i am with flame of... satan!
You are standing face to face, with your destiny alone.
Over the fog of wrath and fear,
You see how we rape your world.
Watch now your creation, what is there left from you...
If your blood is really our wine,
Your own masterpiece you forgot to sign...
Our flame...
It shall never blow out! light!

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