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Forever Is Forgotten

The Architecture Is Still Burning

Forever Is Forgotten

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Here is where my ladder grows
Within walking distances of melting ceilings
And hopefully you will see the bright colors like my horizon cut in two
And where have the eyes gone that have watched me this far
Here is my staircase curved with splintered paint
Without a railing Iæ?£l find collapse
With blonde paste to settle intentions,
Your unpaired smile in mirrored windows burns the rest of the template
So Iæ?£l fall into third person and see the other shades of grey

Her is my enthalpy, so forgive my violet eyes when you see them
The rest of the canvas arranges lie past Victorian
The rest Burns along with myself and this is how sheæ?£l remember me
Just like walking decay

And Iæ?£l be bare again without any traces of what is called sharing
Nothing surrounds me any more but pictures of carpet
As soft as voices of eager children

This is dripping from skyline setting
And I know the smile very well
It mush be imbedded like the less fortunate
There is no patience left over while I am provided a window key
This presence of it over speaks

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