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Forever Is Forgotten

Destroying A Lifetime Of Innocence

Forever Is Forgotten

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Your sickness comes
When you let go from
What we held together
Now I see where I went wrong
Youæ?£l take your last breath
Iæ?¦ left drowning in
Your eternal voice
Everyday it grows stronger
When you lose the
Will to hold on now
We can not be destroyed
I wont give up
On this life
We can not forget
We can not survive
With out the passions
To break this silence
I can't handle being without
Alone Iæ?¦ frightened of death
And since you left
My heart is black
Fill myself
With this anguish
Holding onto your soul
I can't wipe these tears
Sadness pins me down
And since the day
That you left us
The day has been so dark
I wont let
You fade away
We love you

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