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Forever Is Forgotten

Dying Beautiful

Forever Is Forgotten

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Lament seeps from between
Blood soaked lips
Forgiveness for myself never
Seemed so distant
My heart still beats and longs
For your presence
(your) silent cries resonate in
My head
A life full of beauty taken within
The first few beats
How can I give you anything
When everything is already gone
Forever this scar will burn me like fire
Go now without summer breezes
And playgrounds
May grace guide you with
Wings and halo
Trembling as your sacrifice cuts
Through me
Could I ever comprehend the beauty
That could have been
Life in it's most perfect form
Untainted by the ways of this world
Pure and dependent, cries leave me
With a permanent echo
For what you have lost Andrew will be
An inspiration that lasts a lifetime
What has been taken from you can
Never be replaced
But what you have given me can never
Be taken
See you in heaven

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