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Forever Is Forgotten

Choking On

Forever Is Forgotten

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You said this will be the last time
Endless nights I cried and when I awake
You still wonæ?° be there
My heart is still bleeding
The damage is done, you can do no more
Choking on those words of love
Beginning to wish this day will never end
My time spent is a lifetime lost
My hands outstretched waiting for the embrace
For this moment I tried to forgive for too many goodbyes gone unsaid
Looking for reasons to let my mind rest
Did I do something wrong
He will not wait for me
I didnæ?° need you then, I donæ?° need you now, I will never need you again
Standing strong on broken limbs
You canæ?° see your eyes remain closed
You said this will be the last time and I believed
As that portion of my life seems so distant now
I cried myself to sleep
Befriended, be-fathered, betrayed
I hear I love you pass by your lips
And I hope to see you choke on those words
You said this will be the last time and I donæ?° care
You are my father why canæ?° you see

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