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Forever Is Forgotten

Oh Baby, Pretty Like A Car Crash

Forever Is Forgotten

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Push it a little further
The tachometer forces the scales to tip
Beauty that is so self consuming
And yet so skin deep there is not much left

Faster and faster as tires lose traction
Purchase lies sewn into modern fashion
Misled eyes that inspire destruction
How much more can your little vessel take on

Over extended and still out of reach
I can not seem to extinguish the blaze
That your body has set flame to
There is an arsonist among the architects
And you donæ?° deserve this?you donæ?° deserve this

Your creation has gone awry
Eyes hold back tears, but can not be torn away
This is what you have become
Because of what they say

Never to realize your true beauty
And sharp words can scar for a lifetime
Another one trying to escape the pressure
Of their perfectly painted picture

Mangled and deceived they left you in a wreck
I want to look away, just not yet
Page to page, cover to cover
Push two more back and indulge in another

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