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Deathspawned Destroyer


Deathspawned Destroyer

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Genocide! - Let the worms die
Power of the third Reich
Is it crime against humanity?
Or isn't just better reign in hell?

Angel of death the master of pain
Death bringer of merciless (holocaust) massacre
Father of higher human race
Misanthropy - a reason for inhuman bloodshed

Worm eaten skull gazing with empty eyes
People working up from their nightmare
Finding themselves only lost in gas chamber
The place where is all ends

Triumphant genocide
As long there is life
There is hope for an end
Triumphant genocide

Slashing pain overcomes
Separating skin from body
Making blood flow endlessly
Muscles tearing (from) apart

Corporal suffering taken
Over inhuman limits
Faces like formless mass
Liberating freedom comes.

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