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Deathspawned Destroyer

Last Man Standing

Deathspawned Destroyer

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The rotten sound of war machines
Roaring from beside, below the ground
And from up the highs
The pandemonium of war - cry of human insects

Battleground covered up by grey smoke cloud
Behind clouds comes flashing, cracking death to all
Fallen men blowing the last dying
Breath from their chest

Giving up the ghost with brain blossoming
As the dark red blood splashes up from wounds
To high up the sky to bend back to earth
The helpless cry of human insects

Panzer division of deathspawned destroyer
The annihilating killing machines

Men's stinking blood steaming
Tongues sticking out, eye twisted
Dark clouds and smoke of gunpowder
Surrounds the dismal battleground in twilight

Victims shouting and bawling echoes in mysterious dark
The howling and the gun blast
All around terrifying dimness
And in dimness dark shapes of corpses of fallen men

The playground of deathspawned destroyer
Beyond death it all ends
The playground of deathspawned destroyer
The place where it all ends

The battleground dressed in mist
Blood curls after murderous bloodthirstiness
Blood red water running as purpling stream
Plenteous reaping of death

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