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Deathspawned Destroyer

Doom Before Death

Deathspawned Destroyer

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Calm before the storm as they say
As I'm lying in my darkened chamber
Caught from battlefields
Taken by force to war imprisonment

Chained from legs and hands to wall
Below the ground with own urine and blood
I'm waiting for my doom before death
I know what is coming for

To dungeon they bring their instruments of horror
I am naked on the floor as they begin
With pliers and metal bars they torture me
Bleeding, moaning on the floor I lay

Cutting, slashing the flesh wide open
Tearing finger nails off one by one
Hammering toes, cutting finger tips
In the chamber, blood is everywhere

Water poured on my week body
The electric shocks came like thunder
I am going blue and still I have nothing to say
Doom before the death!

Oh, I see upcoming pain
My tormentors holding massive hammer
My knee and elbow joints are bloody mass
And testicles in a million pieces with my vomit

I woke in chaotic pain
As the tormentors come with black hood
Majestic is my last walk to endless dark
Not a word they hear before the has come

Tied tight in wooden pole
Head hooded I'll wait the gun blast
Masses screaming for my blood
Rifle on my neck, brains in the air

Hah - meaningless, don't you think?
There where shit is, is bound to be flies
For nameless grave is all what I get
Like many other men's at war

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