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Deathspawned Destroyer

Autopsy Romance

Deathspawned Destroyer

4 acessos

Tearing mouth wide open
Pulling every teeth
One by one with pliers

Bloody sight of mutilated corpse
Smell of innocent blood
Driving into ultimate sin

Take me, Rape me
Echoes in my mind
When the bride of morgue
Sings in my head

Thrilling skull wide open
Fingering the brains of dead (body)
Masturbating over her
Empty glazed eyes

Necropsy with dark desires
Dissection to find rotten orgasms
(Orgasms) like never seen

Impaling rectum with my mighty spear
Embracing the breasts
Stabbing scalpel deep
In red flesh of vagina
Kissing hammer smashed face

When I bite of her labia
I can smell and taste her
Bitter corpuscles in my mouth

Sexual perversion driving me
In necrophilia unseen
Bloodbath in guts of dead whore
Raped so many times before
An experiment in post mortem

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