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Deathspawned Destroyer

The Arrival of Warbanners

Deathspawned Destroyer

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We march before a martyred world,
An enemy of the rotten corpses
We bring a great heroic day of victory
And might for realm of death

We hold a banner drenched in blood
We urge you to be brave,
For the great day of wrath is coming,
And who shall be able to stand?

The frosty north wind blows there
Where we are gathered
Sunlight has turned into shadows
And mankind has fallen into darkness of oblivion

Come and see the dawn of new sovereign
In all colours of red

We are the ocean of wrath that swells
Unrestrainedly, swallows into the abyss
Of maelstroms, and drowns whole
Civilization in watery grave

We are the legions of nihilistic order
That has travellers through oceans
Of emptiness, to become sovereigns
Of new world order

We are the future!
Here and now is our time!
The dawn of new sovereign!
The world without an end!

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