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It's raining again outside
And the more you get near
The more you scare me
I gotta go
I see your face
There's something really out of place
You're not exactly real
But those wet sheets
Are building up something
I cannot break
You're just condemning me...
Sealed in a bulletproof test-tube
Can't you hear me moan
What's inside's not alive
"Counting the days to live" you say
But who's counting days to die
Zero gravity in my head
I see the struggle inside your body
Facts, mechanisms you can't escape
Germs crawling on walls of flesh
Tell me it's okay no it's not too late
My empty expression like a pet begging compassion
Face it now mastakes burn like a drug invasion
Closed again, crying again, hurt so much, so much inside
You know things I shouldn't hear
Things I shouldn't have known
Tell me it's okay not it's not too late
I pick up the receiver, what do I hear?
A sound of emptyness no degree of help
Long, darker line control "it happened overnite"
People walking up and down
They don't know me and don't care
Hear the sound of endless steps
And then it just happens again
Kick my life away
Show me no just reason why
Zero gravity in my head
It's throbbing like a subway train
Fear is creeping everywhere
Like your nice perfume becomes steam
Tell me it's okay no it's not too late
Hear the sound of pouring rain on metal
Completely sterilized
Ready to bite
Sound steps faces fear fear steps faces fear fear fear

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