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It's all linked together
It all swirls together around me
Faces of pain
Faces of joy
So confused as to seem one thing
These books burning my hands are burning my hands
Holes in the walls
Demons from outer space
Well you see now I'm nude
And the light's oh so crude
Bodies embracing bodies
Flesh that looks for love
Helplessly useless lost forever
It's all linked together
No way out no escape
World of illusion will hold you tight
So confused you can't see the truth
Someone's out there laughing at me
For all the evil I've done
You know I never make mistakes
You know it's all perfect
Genine sharp crystal clear
No dream can ever match it
Watching the pigeons out in the cold
The T.V. plays
We're the hollow men
DAYMARE nothing to share
Ants in the cracks of the sidewalk
Sucking dried blood from a corpse
You're not one you're not slave...
What are you gonna do?

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