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Of this crowd
Seems like we're finally at war with the enemy
Sharpen my blades
Triumph of the will I'm not gonna stay sill
Exalted dream of violence
It's finally true
The dangerous mass, vicious assault melting my eyes
Then I realize at last enemy in my head
Always remember what I need to forget
It's dark no noise around as when I was in the bush
Red blood eyes flames in the sky
Walls are breathing by hate
Someway out positive it's never late
But all I see and all I hear is inside me
Rapid fire T.V. flashes like idiotic shades
This million dollar hate debt
Minimal requests glad just to be
And then I know enemy in my head
Nothing I could do no way to gorget
Wounds that will never heal
Blow my head away this is the deal
It's an old movie rerun
And in the end it's onlly celluloid burnt
Knife knife knife cut this canvas away
Set me free I'll be okay
Set me free I promise I will
Nothing I could do no way to forget enemy in my head
I wish he was dead

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