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Feel Like


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Killing someone i suppose it's just fun
It's something you know it has to be done
Do i feel like killing someone?
Do i feel like?
This power i feel i can touch, it's real
My hands are wrapped around your neck
Been good damn too long let's join the lions
The crossroad approach
And i just speed up
Lean from the balcony look down underneath
"your parents are dead" vertigo takes in
An ambulance car is parked at the gate
It's the end of the story you're gonna be sorry
Waiting for your call all nite in this phone booth
I'll do it again
But that's the last time i ever will
I wish you could be here to share this with me
Lock all your doors, shiver with fear
Goddamned pigs it's time to die
Your furniture's been switched while you were asleep
Dreaming of cars and colleges for sons
Dumb little dreams
That ever shatters mine
It's happened once will happen again...
Helter skelter! look out! it's coming down fast!
A perfect reflection, a relentless action, suburban homes you know
They all look the same
But tonight someone is creeping at your back door
(the secret is only love)

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