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Into The Void


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Let me tell you
Something we all know
About these little things
We all need to feel safe...
INTO THE VOID - oh it's so cozy out here you cannot find me here
All your trouble are over
Final protection
You been waiting so long for the resurrection
Controlled by hands you couldn't even see
Up form the ceiling ropes "no you're not free!"
All your stupid sense of guilt
Overcome by the long awaited revelation - a cigarette burning
Down in the hole fall from the building
Sucked in again them out
I'm so happy almost scared
Why why why
You stare at me
It's dark it's blurred 'cos now I'm free
So just jump with me
And wake up screaming eternally
Falling on a web forever
Run into silence check the wounds
And lurk lurk lurk a caged white tiger
Muscles twisting every single command
Tensed up to death
Eyes popping out - it's over - over

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