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Thank You


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I'm thankful for the crowd.
Thankful that my music's loud.
Thankful that you've realize that you turn my whole world around.
I'm Thankful for the little things.
Thankful when I hear you sing.
Thankful for all the love and happiness that you bring.
I'm thankful for mother.
Thankful for my little brother.
Thankful that I can love you both like I love no other.

Hahaha, Hahaha, Thank you.
Hahaha, Hahaha, Thank you.

I'm thankful for my friends.
Thankful til my life ends.
Thankful for every second together that we spend.
I'm thankful for my brain
Thankful for the rain.
Thankful I can feel happiness after so much pain.
I'm thankful for you.
Thankful that you help me through
Thankful that what we have will always stay true.

Hahaha, Hahaha, Thank you.
Hahaha, Hahaha, Thank you.

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