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It's Time...


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It doesn't matter what I have to say.
Cause not a single soul is listening to me today.
And tomorrow isn't looking any better for me.
I just hope that one day things will be a different way.

Why is it that everything is so dull and gray?
When did my happiness split and go it's own way?
Why can't anyone enter my life and stay?
It's time for change so that one day things will be okay.

I'm putting on my gloves, it's time to get to work.
Cause in a few years I don't want to be your grocery store clerk.
Minimum wage gave me maximum rage.
Why do things grow dimmer the more I learn and age?
ignorance has vanished, I miss the fucking bliss.
Why does everyone accept it and put up with this?

I'm so fucking pissed.
Is there something that I missed?
I thought to follow our dreams was the whole fucking gist.

It's time to stand up for the change that we need.
It's time to fight until we fall and we bleed.
It's time...
It's time...

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