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Ooooh, ooohhhh.

Forever, I love you,
Forever, and it's true.

I can't believe how you make me feel.
How can this be true, it's so unreal.
Everything's so perfect, living my best dream.
Could you believe it's even better then it seems?
And it seems like we're in heaven girl,
yeah, you're the center of my world.
I give you my life, with you I grow old.
Babe, you're the only one I want to hold.
I plan to always keep you so close,
If I can, everyday buy you a rose.
So stick by my side, let this grow.
I'm writing this song because I want you to know.

Every time I've said it, I've never lied.
Cause I'm proud to have you by my side,
The greatest things in life sure do come free.
Cause I only need you to keep me happy.
You've given me the greatest emotion,
And I love how you're eyes remind me of the ocean.
Their so blue, and you're so sweet,
You've literally swept me off my feet.
But that's fine, I love laying next to you.
We've had our ups and down, but nothing I'd redo.
I'm not saying we never have problems, there was.
But I'll plow through every single one because...

Yeah, it's true, I'd never leave you.
You're smart and you're beautiful too.
You're everything, but a little bit more.
You're the only person I've ever adored.
You're different, but I'm glad you're not like them all.
When you're gone I miss you and I just want to call.
But I trust you, and I give you your space.
I know in your heart, I hold a special place.
I really want what's best for you.
So when you're down, I'll help you through.
Cause every second spent with you is worthwhile,
and I really just love making you smile.

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