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Standing In The Rain


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I'm standing in the rain,
I'm standing in the rain,
Don't even try to save me now.

Yeah when it starts raining it always comes pouring down.
But don't come and try to save me, I'm ready to drown.
I'm sick of all this bullshit,
I'm sick of all the lies.
I'm sick of everyone giving up,
Why don't you just try?
Maybe you don't ever succeed because you're afraid to fail.
Maybe you don't takes the risks you know are right cause you fear jail.
Stand up for what you believe, even if they say it's wrong.
You shouldn't let everyone step on you all lifelong.

Raindrops keep on running down my face.
I start to question if I belong in this place.
Everything is so fucked up, everything seems wrong.
instead of dealing with it, I'm going to be strong.
I'm going to yell at the world, going to let you know what I think.
Enjoy your fucking life cause it could be gone in just a blink.
Some people ask what happiness is because they have none.
You have to let go a little bit, you have to have fun.

I don't even know what to do anymore.
Waking up every morning seems to be a chore.
I don't want to see the sun, I don't want to meet anyone.
I just can't handle life without having fun.

So what the hell am I doing?
I'm the one who makes the choices.
Don't be afraid to speak,
We want to hear everyone of your voices.
Society tells me this, society says that.
Go to work then back to home, hell no fuck that.
I enjoy what I do and I'm not stopping for anyone.
It's like telling a baseball player to not hit a home run.
I'm going to write a few words and affect a few lives.
Even if the song doesn't live, the meaning will always survive.

I'm standing in the rain.
I'm standing in the rain.
Don't even try to save me now.

I'm standing in the rain just cause they said I shouldn't.
I told them that I will, but they thought that I wouldn't.
So now I'm standing here with the raining coming down on me.
But I see clearly how life should be. (be be be be be be be be)

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