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I'll Never Stop


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Heh Heh, Yeah.

I'll never quit,
I'll never stop.
Look at me now, I'm headed to the top.

Oh I never use to have shit,
Now I have everything I need.
use to say I couldn't make it.
look I'm the one to succeed.
and No one ever gave a fuck, now
everyone suddenly loves me.
I went and ignored that bullshit
cause I knew this was meant to be.
I'm rising to the top, and no
I'm never going to fall down.
High up in the night sky,
I know that I'm the star of this whole town.

Never going to quit.
Yeah I'll put up with this shit.
Why would I stop?
I'm on my way to the top.
Writing hit after hit,
I'll never quit.
hear the lovely applause.
But that is only because...

Of course I love to rhyme.
And of course I got the fuckin' time.
So give me a beat,
and I'll watch you from the top as you try to climb.
There is a lot of hard work to
put in to get all the way up here.
But once you've made it most of your stress seems to disappear.
So get your ass into gear and
spit a sick verse for me on this track.
And if you kill it then of course me and my money will have your back.
Just remember to give it your best.
And lay all these other fuckers down to rest.
Write a good hook, and get their attention.
And I'm not sure, but did I mention?

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