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Holy Fatherland

Barbarous Pomerania

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My heart beats for these forests and fileds
Where swamps,rivers and sheet of ice
My soul takes from them power of existance
Sun wraps tuft of golden cereal
Trees are green and luscious
In every hole of that fertile soil
Ashes of ancestors
And enormity of old Slavic treasures
Native faith,Slavic Folk
Thousand years and winters
They live from this fertile soil
This is my home
Im her son,born from her womb
Hundreds of generations spilled blood
For our Mother, to be with Us
We are Slavs,Proud Folk
Brave, tough and bold
We are warriors-farmers
We worship mother soil
For her our strain and blood
Like Gods said
Hail to you Mother of birth
Fortress of our noble blood
Homestead our spirit
We giving you bow and reverence
You are our most precious jewel
We draw from you power and strenght

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