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Barbarous Pomerania

Barbarous Pomerania tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Sacred Power of Blood and Proud", "Stojgniew - Son of Slavia", "Intro - Morning Star of Slavonic Tomorrow".

111 acessos

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  1. Aristocracy Of Blood And Iron
  2. Banners of Retra and Arkona
  3. Blood, Sword And Plough
  4. Brotherhood Of Wolfhearts
  5. Crying Trees, Bleeding Soil
  6. Dying for His Land
  7. Guards Of The Slavonic Tradition
  8. Holy Fatherland
  9. Intro - Morning Star of Slavonic Tomorrow
  10. My Native Faith
  11. Obiata-sacriface For Gods
  12. Order of Noble Blood
  13. Race of Noble Conquerors
  14. Sacred Power of Blood and Proud
  15. Stojgniew - Son of Slavia
  16. Strengthen In Faith Of Slavs
  17. Triumph Of Steel Of War
  18. We Noble Barbarians
  19. Without Mercy, With Fire In Eye