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Banners of Retra and Arkona

Barbarous Pomerania

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In battles berskerk in mortal fight
In flash of swords and axes
When Perun with his Hammer is sending thunders
When panzer detachments going to combat
Where Sea of Blood is seeping in soil
Where warriors are steping in blood
Where Strzybog gales are wildest
The Sun is scorching with his heat
Slavic Warriors are clashed
Their proud banners are waveing on the sky
Their saint flags raised in glory
Symbols of Gods,ancient Heroes
Cosmic powers wich run theirs lives
Furious Warriors are attacking their enemies
God of War gives them strength to fight
When snows are great
When frost is ringing
Panzer detachment are bound in fight
Banners raised in triumpf
Rich the sky in dignity
Hundred battles and clashes
Shambles full of corpses
Wolves Warriors standig on top of pile of dead heads
They carry their holy flags
Roaring battle songs
Savour of Victory
...banners are waveing speechless with dignity

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