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We Noble Barbarians

Barbarous Pomerania

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We came from East ,from wild forests and fields
From land of rivers, and mountains snowing tops
We have change that Asiatic cradle on Europe heart
Northern area of wild primeval forests and marshlands
Here our fatherland has been created
White Gods gave us power of conquest
Struggle power, knowledge from leaders
Northern folks worn animal skin and armours
Under banner of God of Thunder
With war shout , with harsh face
Thousand hordes were bleeding to conquer for us holy land
National language, tradition and native faith
Hardness warriors of fire
In fury on struggle ,born from Aryan folk
With difficult of farmer ,with wisdom of sage
Was create states a Empire of Slavonic race
Of barbarous proud people , brave and daring
Today they are poison by gloomy falsehood
Slaves of jehowa stolen ours souls
But heart of Slavonic kin still got barbarous spark
That ancient call of forefathers hidden in pure blood
We are beside in silence but we will arise
We! Barbarous folk! Always survive
Help us Gods of Slavonic land!

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