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My Native Faith

Barbarous Pomerania

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I was born from Slavonic blood
Slavia is my land and my home
Is my fatherland
Where my forefathers ashes lying
Where spilled seas of sweat,tears and blood
Ages of history,hum of trees
Gust of Strzybog winds
Waving sea, fields of cereal
Im son of Sun
Worshipper of highest fire and thunder
What flashes noisy on the sky
Worshipper of Blood, what is in my veins
My faith burns in my soul
Its unrestrained Will, to fight and to live
That is penetrateing evrything,evry survival
Universe fertlize by power of creation
Its power of my almighty Gods
My faith is a secret of constant progress
Its a proud essence of my aryan race
Its a power what pushing for action
Its a holy monument of Swietowit
Its a art,tradition and culture of my folk
Its a holy book of principles and laws
Its a path of honour and strenght
Its a flaring fire in my heart
My faith is eternal voice of cosmic laws
Its a battle song of my harsh Gods
Sweet huming of my goddesses
My fatih lives inside of me, and will in my offsprings
Is eternal like Sun,fire and Slavonic Folk

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