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Operation Winter Mist

Northern Aggression

Operation Winter Mist

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Barricade the gates
For the true northmen come
Buckle under the weight
By the coming of the storm
When you realize
You're the cause of these troubled times
You'll get your just deserves
For your treachery you pay ten fold

When you realize
You still the cause of these troubled times
What choice were we given?
Capitulate or be destroyed

Bow down before the aggressor
Brought to your knees, now beg
Show not mercy but violence
Succumb to the coming storm

Five times invaded
Five times you failed
To pluck that jewel from the northern crown
You, so many in number
We, so many in few
Now we march to the gates of your capital

White flags are waving
A city incinerated
The wrath brought down by the aggressor
Women and children are screaming
You brought this war to us
Throw up your hands and surrender

1812, I still remember
That burning image in my mind
As we set your capital to the torch

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