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Operation Winter Mist

Iron Coffins

Operation Winter Mist

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Battle of the Atlantic rages
In a war that seems to last for ages
Kriegs Marines, Killing merchant marines
Submerged in their war machines
Wolf Packs and torpedo attacks
U-boats are the Iron Coffins
Iron crosses and heavy losses
The brave Kriegs Marines always come back for more
Convoys, decoys, we destroy
Where the hunter becomes the hunted
U-boats are the wolves at sea
In stealth and in silence stalking their prey
Attack, tear and sink
At periscope depth they're targeting death
With gyroscopes set
The objective will be met
Full speed ahead, engage the convoy
Iron coffin, bare your fangs
With nerves of steel in this war of tonnage
The wolf now sinks its teeth in
A sonar ping is a haunting sound
Destroyer above our position found
Depth charge breeds panic as the warship comes back around
Splashes in the water
Depth Charge!
Destroyer sweeping, sonar seeking
To detect the Iron Coffin below
Depth charge detonates to rock the vessel
Shock waves ear ring to muffle the sonar ping
Torpedo spread, target acquired
Under the surface, prepare to die
Torpedos loose streaming towards the ships
Lines cut into the water, covers broken
Warship steams towards their source
All guns blazing, hell raising
A steady decent into the deep
Pressure gauge reads one hundred feet
Air thins, breath suffocating
In anxiety the walls are closing in
Heart stopping, sounds of the engines above
Destroyer sweeping, sonar seeking
Break the surface, man the guns, lock and load to finish them off
Start the engines, turn the screws, crank the shaft
To avoid another hit
Breach their hulls, take on water, forced to scuttle dead in the water
Let's send them to a watery grave
Flood the tubes, release the fury, level her off as bulk heads snap
Bow to the sky, slipping away beneath the deep
Commit their bodies to the deep
On a one way ticket to hell
In an Iron Coffin

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