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Operation Winter Mist

Death and Honour

Operation Winter Mist

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Europe was burning
Germany was at the height of its power
A raiding force challenge the raging seas
To execute Operation Jubilee
Trained to assault in the light of day
For one chance to face the enemy
Naval squirmish fade hope for surprise
On the beaches of Dieppe
The enemy was waiting

Landing at dawns first light
Under intense Nazi fire
Battalions stormed the flashing inferno of defence
To fight the blazing bloody battle of Dieppe
Send in the first wave of Canadians

Your all going to die
Death and Honour
Strength and Pride
They sacrificed their lives
We salute you

When shall their glory fade
When face down floating in the waves
The channel and the sands of Dieppe
Have been honoured by the blood of Canadians

For all the men that hit the beach
On that fateful day
Died in a blaze of glory
Or surrendered with honour

Truimph was not to be
And would wait for us another day
Some escaped the beach
Many would never leave
As a testimony to ferocity
The sacrifice before glory
And gallantry of Canadians

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