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Operation Winter Mist


Operation Winter Mist

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At the dawn of a new era
At the end of the third great war
Rising from the ashes of humanity
The empire of storms
The empire shall rise
To feed the ambitions of the people
As the emperor stands tall
On a throne of skulls
Of all those who have opposed him
And met their fate at the end of the sword

The empire shall rise
As all the old kingdoms fall

It's the rise of the northern empire
The time has come as others before
Break the peace and the treaties
Let your voice be heard
With bone and steel, sword and shield
We raise our flags

Legions of the storm
Gather your armies to the south
The southern borders lay open
We must first crush the Christian empire

Grasp the reigns of power
Form the axis by which the world turns
Expand the sphere of influence
Finalize the Imperial Grand Strategy

Mighty northern empire
A mountain unto itself
Stoke the fires of conquest
Cleanse the world in it's purifying flames

Command the reins of power
Be the axis by which the world turns
One spake to ignite the fire
Let the world bend to our will

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