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Something Wrong With Me?

Laura Port

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Something wrong with me?
I do not understand
, Since when
I was not moved to the famous
Crazy fans my life is the opposite,
Why?, Why?
I can not understand
they do not accept me,
I am,
I'm not a supermodel
or wonderful
nor intelligent actress
but I
one person and now my life has changed,
but I know that now my life is in layer
a magazine
(a magazine)
I have to wear mourning
I do not have a super car
but I'm
I did not let anyone be
journalists, photographers
nobody wants to leave me
oh my god
I never
have left
my life
I'll never stop being myself
I can not go shopping every day
I'm sure the average person?
for the rest of the world

I do not understand, but

I will not give
I know
I have, sometimes you have
I think it does not matter, but to create
to judge and not stop to think is difficult,
and I think people should let me be like
I am after all the change will not change me
I not go to a different city
to visit my grandmother
already have a place reserved in the layer
of all the magazines and newspapers
I do not understand
I do not understand
I think it's different for you
because they say,
for me to be famous, I'm good?
I am alone, therefore,
I would like to understand, but I'm not, after all I've
I am famous for being good singer, actress, then a person will be better than the other she will want to know everything about it?
me, because it is different?
until I understand that you want to hear my music
But what does that have to be with my personality

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